Jo Ann Lacina “knows” real estate

Jo Ann Lacina “knows” real estate. She has years of experience, motivation and dedication to help make sure her clients are getting everything they deserve and that it is in their best interest. This is what separates her from the competition. She gets self-satisfaction from helping people make one  of the biggest purchases in their lives. It is more about the client, who she always puts first. You get respect and patience when you choose to work with Jo Ann. I worked with her when my daughter and future son-in-law were buying a home. The home that they ultimately purchased had several offers but her negotiation skills made it happen and it was a seamless experience. Since it was their first time buying they needed guidance and someone with lots of patience to answer lots of questions. What I especially like about Jo Ann is that she will show you as many houses as you want to see and she never puts any pressure on you or makes you feel you are wasting her time. For her it is more about putting a person in the right house than making a sale.