Great experience

I want to share the great experience we had with Karen Marra at Gloria Zastko Realtor over the past few years.  Karen started working with us when we began our search for a new home back in 2008.  During the long journey, which took place over the course of 3 ½ years, we were able to both successfully buy our current home, as well as sell our old home within a reasonable amount of time.  This was quite an accomplishment considering our special cultural needs and other personal preferences, which made it that much harder to find the perfect home.  Nevertheless, Karen’s perseverance and patience were both genuine and steadfast as she continued her efforts to keep us updated with new listings and information every week.  She definitely did her homework and was always available to address our questions and concerns.

What we also liked about Karen was that she did not push or ever try to talk us into buying a home that we didn’t feel was right for us, as most agents would do.  In January 2011, we finally found our perfect home and closed two months later.  With only half the journey complete, we made preparations to sell our old home.  In her capacity as our listing agent, Karen alleviated much of our stress by helping us with preparations to set up our home for presentation and sale, which even included going shopping with us.  She also provided contractor contact information (handyman, painters, etc.) for us to use, if necessary.  Despite the poor housing market for sellers, with Karen’s efforts, we were able to sell and close our old home in just four months.

To conclude, the process of simultaneously buying and selling a home is by no means an easy task.  However, with Karen’s help as mentioned above, the transition was smooth and relatively stress free.  Karen’s qualities range from her great personal character, qualifications, and perseverance, to her professional excellence in everything she does.  She has exceeded our expectations of what a real estate sales agent should be, and we were lucky and grateful having her as our agent.  We would strongly recommend Karen Marra to anyone who is looking for a home or hoping to sell their home.  We would definitely use Karen again for future opportunities.