Joyce Ann Staples and Judy Dredge, Realtor-Associates with Gloria Zastko, Realtors® recently attended a Feng Shui seminar as part of their continuing education. This informative learning experience introduced Realtors to this ancient art, which literally means “wind and water.” 

Feng Shui suggests that the placement of buildings and furniture can optimize the ‘chi flow” of energy, the life force.  The goal is to attract the positive and deflect the negative.  There are various core concepts depending on which cultural Feng Shui is being practiced. The three basic concepts are: everything is connected, everything is alive with energy, and everything changes “chi.” Many of the concepts are common sense and others need to be adapted to our modern world. There are volumes written about it.

Staples and Dredge both have many years of experience as Realtors. They can assist in all aspects of real estate transactions from staging, accurately pricing and marketing your home, to guiding clients through the difficult process of negotiating an offer and the many obstacles that come up before closing. Joyce Ann can be reached at and Judy can be reached at