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How To Have A Fake Immaculate House

A clean home is a welcoming home. It’s calm. It’s a haven. It’s a place everyone wants to be. Once you realize that there is a manageable way to keep up with housework, and children, and other activities, your cleaning will become less of a burden. When you break down your home into sections or zones, you can really get it clean in less time than you may think! These 8 simple steps can teach you how to have a home that can look clean, but one that doesn’t take [...]

The "Show-Ready" Home Checklist

Getting your house ready for the real estate market involves a lot of boxes, cleaner, and “editing” of things. Also, probably a bit of sweat. Unless you’re one of the lucky ones who sells his or her house in the first or second visit, you’re probably going to have multiple showings to contend with. They can be scheduled at nearly any time of day, and can sometimes be thrown up on you in the last minute.   It’s good advice that if your agent calls [...]

Gloria Zastko, Realtors Celebrates 23 Years

Gloria Zastko, Realtors celebrates 23 years as one of Central Jersey’s most formidable brokers and year after year remains North Brunswick’s #1 Broker.  “Becoming No 1 is an awesome feat; remaining No. 1 is an everyday challenge”, cites Gloria Zastko and Andrew Zastko, co-owners of Gloria Zastko, Realtors.   Gloria Zastko, Realtors celebrates its 23rd anniversary on March 15th.  Zastko, who has been listing and selling real estate for more than 43 [...]

The Zastko Report - March 2013

The Zastko Report March 2013 Reports in the real estate market continue to be very positive.  Is this also consistent with our local market in Central Jersey?  What about rising interest rates and fees?  This month, Andrew Zastko and Cooper Ford take another look at the activity in the local real estate market and the shortage of available homes, and what it means.  Also, they discuss the rising mortgage rates and fees and how it impacts home buyers and sellers. Curre [...]

Gloria Zastko Realtors Voted Best of the Best!

In a Home News Tribune Reader’s choice contest, Gloria Zastko, Realtors was again voted Best Realtor for 2012.  Gloria Zastko, and Andrew Zastko, co-owners of the firm, are delighted with this award which the firm has repeatedly received.  Zastko states, “Every day, every hour, we strive to be the best”.   "Becoming No. 1 is an awesome feat . . . Remaining No. 1 is an every-day challenge."  "Seeing longtime competitors and now the new k [...]

The Zastko Report - August 2012

The Zastko Report August 2012 The Summer is coming to end, but is it the same for the Central Jersey market?  This month, Andrew Zastko and Cooper Ford take another look at the activity in the local real estate market, the shortage of homes, and what it means.  Also, they take a look at the latest on the Transit Village in North Brunswick, as well as the rise of rentals.  Finally, an explanation of "average home prices" and what it really means for local homeowners [...]

Gloria Zastko Realtors Leads the Way in North Brunswick

As the real estate market continues to pick up in activity, Gloria Zastko Realtors continues to provide leadership in helping both home buyers and sellers in North Brunswick.  As a pillar in the community, the agency continues to be number one in helping home owners successfully sell their home.  So far in 2012, they have outperformed their nearest competitor by a margin of almost 6 to 1.  Similarly, in helping potential residents find a home in the community of North Brunswick, [...]

How Reliable Are School Rankings?

For many home buyers, one of the most significant criteria is the quality of the school system.  After all, what parent wouldn't want their child to receive the best education possible?  When considering different communities, one source often considered are rankings put out by different publications, such as the one just released by NJ Monthly.  Yet, how helpful are these really in finding the best quality school system?  What else can home buyers do to evaluate the sc [...]

The Zastko Report - June 2012

The Zastko Report June 2012 The momentum continues to build in the Central Jersey real estate market.  This month, Andrew Zastko and Cooper Ford discuss the current state of affairs locally, as well as some of the continued challenges.  Also, they highlight their experience with a new, no-PMI program from Sun Home Loans that's helping many buyers save money on buying a home.  Finally, they discuss some helpful tips for buyers preparing to buy a home, as well as sellers p [...]

Summer 2012 - The Heat is ON!

The heat is on in Central Jersey real estate.  Although there is a deluge of tough news regarding real estate, many major financial resources such as the Wall Street Journal, CBS Money Watch, Forbes Magazine and National Public Radio all concur in their advice..."It's Time to Buy a Home Now",  and it is also a time to sell now.  The lowest interest rates in decades make this the optimum time to move in, up or out. It is not the price of the home that is important [...]

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