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How Important is a Mortgage Pre-approval Letter?

Click to view the video When buying a house, many people understand that they need to get a mortgage.  Yet, there are cases where they will only get a pre-qualification letter, which may cause them to lose a potential home, or not even get one until they have found a home they like, only to discover they don't even qualify!  So, what are the signs of a quality pre-approval letter?  What should one look for?  Alan DiGiovanni, a mortgage professional, answers some of [...]

Your Credit Report

Your credit history is a critical factor when obtaining a mortgage loan. It communicates your past willingness and ability to meet credit obligations and gives the lender a good idea about how responsible you will be in making your monthly mortgage payment. Do not despair if your credit report is less than stellar. If you've made some mistakes in the past but your current credit patterns are good, many lenders will take that into account and may be willing to make you a loan. Get a copy [...]

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