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What Do You Really Need to Get a Mortgage?

There seems to be a persistent misconception that people need perfect credit or a huge downpayment to buy a home.  In reality, the short answer is that it depends on each individual, but many people are successfully able to make it happen.  To provide some clarity as to the truth of the matter, we went directly to the source and brought in Alex Rivera, Vice President and Mortgage Banker at Jersey Mortgage.  He shared with us some fantastic insights about today's process i [...]

Things May Be Looking Better for 2012

Wells Fargo recently released their end of the year report, citing some positive news from recent statistics across the country.  Yet, it was also a mixed bag, with some price declines as well.  Here some of what they had to say: Most of the economic reports dealing with housing have shown a little more strength recently. New home sales rose 1.6 percent in November and sales of existing homes climbed 4.0 percent. New home construction also improved, with housing starts rising 9.3 p [...]

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