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How the Fiscal Cliff Could Affect Homeowners

The "Fiscal Cliff" continues to dominate the news, as Washington works to avoid the detrimental impact to our fragile economy of doing nothing.  For homeowners, both current and future, there are several possibilities that could have a significant impact, not only personally, but on the real estate market as a whole. Accoding to a recent article on Fox Business, there are several areas of concern.  First is the Mortgage Interest Deduction (MID).  While few people bel [...]

The Election is Over. What's Next For Housing?

For the past several months, one of the big questions surrounding the future of real estate in America was who would be elected.  Well, now we have our answer.  So, what does this mean?  Jeff Kolko, Chief Economist with Trulia put out a fantastic article discussing different areas that home buyers and home owners should be aware of.  Here are some of the key points: There is still a big push to help people refinance their homes at low interest rates (which also helps p [...]

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