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Homebuyer Financial Seminar

On Saturday, May 31st there will be a free Homebuyer and Financial Workshop sponsored by Gloria Zastko, Realtors and Wells Fargo Home Mortgage.  Attendees will learn the benefits of homeownership, the truth about local home prices and why 2014 could be the best time for you to purchase a home.  Attendees will have the opportunity to hear from local professionals from Gloria Zastko, Realtors, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage and North Brunswick attorney, Jason Fruhschein.  Along [...]

The Zastko Report - May 2012

The Zastko Report May 2012 This month, we focus on mortgages.  While it's not usually the first thing people think of when buying or selling a home, it plays an important role in the process, because it is what enables the vast majority of people to purchase a home.  So, what impact are mortgages having on the market?  Can investors take advantage of them?  What does the future hold?  Andrew Zastko, one of Central Jersey's top Realtors, discusses some of th [...]

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