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The Fiscal Cliff Deal: Good News for Housing (Mostly)

In the weeks coming up to the Fiscal Cliff, there was a lot of uncertainty in the real estate market.  For example, would the Mortgage Interest Deduction (MID) be preserved?  Would short sales result in higher taxes for those who sell?  Once the dust settled and the deal was done, the results were generally positive for homeowners.  Here are some of the highlights: Mortgage Interest Deduction (MID) – Generally remains intact for most homeowners, which means t [...]

Home Shortage Creates New Challenges

Recently, the Los Angeles Times reported a shortage of available quality homes in several different real estate markets, as buyers are competing over those that are currently available.  Locally in Central Jersey, we've seen similar trends, where quality homes that are priced well in certain markets are selling quickly, whether it's new construction townhomes in North Brunswick or larger colonial homes in neighboring South Brunswick.  Even investment properties are [...]

Things May Be Looking Better for 2012

Wells Fargo recently released their end of the year report, citing some positive news from recent statistics across the country.  Yet, it was also a mixed bag, with some price declines as well.  Here some of what they had to say: Most of the economic reports dealing with housing have shown a little more strength recently. New home sales rose 1.6 percent in November and sales of existing homes climbed 4.0 percent. New home construction also improved, with housing starts rising 9.3 p [...]


GLORIA ZASTKO, REALTORS AGAIN VOTED 2011 BEST REALTY IN CENTRAL JERSEY IN HOME NEWS TRIBUNE READER’S CHOICE CONTEST. In a Home News Tribune Reader’s choice contest, Gloria Zastko, Realtors was again voted Best Realtor for 2011.  Gloria Zastko, and Andrew Zastko, co-owners of the firm, are delighted with this award which the firm has repeatedly received.  Zastko states, “Every day, every hour, we strive to be the best”.   "Becoming No. 1 is an [...]

Is Real Estate a Good Long-Term Investment?

  With the decline in the real estate market over the last several years, many are asking whether it's a good investment.  Are they going to make money or lose money?  Over the past 10 years, real estate as an investment has FAR outperformed the stock exchange (that, and you can't live in your stocks!).  Granted, past performance isn't a guarantee of future growth, but as a LONG TERM investment, real estate has traditionally done well, and will likely continue [...]

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