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The Zastko Report - May 2012

The Zastko Report

May 2012

This month, we focus on mortgages.  While it's not usually the first thing people think of when buying or selling a home, it plays an important role in the process, because it is what enables the vast majority of people to purchase a home.  So, what impact are mortgages having on the market?  Can investors take advantage of them?  What does the future hold?  Andrew Zastko, one of Central Jersey's top Realtors, discusses some of these key questions with long-time Home Mortgage Consultant, Dave McDermott.

What's Driving Today's Real Estate Market?

The real estate market in Central Jersey continues to grow month after month in 2012. What's driving this trend in activity? How can people take advantage of it?


Today's Investor Mortgage

Real estate investors are getting back into the market, though things are quite differenrt from several years ago. How have mortgages for real estate investors changed? What is the difference from an owner occupied loan?  What should an investor expect?


Are Appraisals Still a Challenge?

With the steep market decline, appraisals created difficulty in obtaining a mortgage to buy a particular home. With the increased activity in 2012, is that still the case in Central Jersey?


What Happened to All the Banks?

Many banks have disappeared from the mortgage business. Who is still around and who's not? What happened?


Are Loan Modifications Helping?

There are several government programs that allow people to refinance for a lower rate and stay in their homes. Are these programs helping? What are the benefits?


What Does the Future Hold For Real Estate in Central Jersey?

We know that things have been looking up for several months now. What can we expect for future prices? Having experienced similar markets in the past, Dave and Andrew bring their insights into what the future may hold for the years to come.

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