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The Zastko Report - June 2012

The Zastko Report

June 2012

The momentum continues to build in the Central Jersey real estate market.  This month, Andrew Zastko and Cooper Ford discuss the current state of affairs locally, as well as some of the continued challenges.  Also, they highlight their experience with a new, no-PMI program from Sun Home Loans that's helping many buyers save money on buying a home.  Finally, they discuss some helpful tips for buyers preparing to buy a home, as well as sellers preparing to sell one.

Current Market Update

National media continues to report positive signs across the country, but what's happening in Central Jersey?  Are we seeing the same local trends?


Challenges in Today's Market

There's a lot of momentum in today's real estate market, but are there still some challenges we are facing in Central Jersey?  Are appraisals and home inspections still an issue?


Minimum Down and No PMI Mortgage

Many home buyers are saving a tremendous amount of money through the Sun Keys Program, with little down and no PMI.  Is this program too good to be true?  Are there limits buyers should be aware of?  Andrew and Cooper walk through their experience with the Sun Keys Program from Sun Home Loans.


Should Buyers Care Who Their Agent Is?

Many times when looking for a new home, the last thing on the mind of a buyer is who the agent representing them will be.  Is this a good approach?  Is there a better way?


How to Prepare Your Home to Sell

What are some things a homeowner can do to prepare their home to sell before putting it on the market?  Are there certain pitfalls to avoid?  Here are some easy tips.



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