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The Zastko Report - August 2012

The Zastko Report

August 2012

The Summer is coming to end, but is it the same for the Central Jersey market?  This month, Andrew Zastko and Cooper Ford take another look at the activity in the local real estate market, the shortage of homes, and what it means.  Also, they take a look at the latest on the Transit Village in North Brunswick, as well as the rise of rentals.  Finally, an explanation of "average home prices" and what it really means for local homeowners.

Current Market Update

We've been talking about an increase in buyer activity over the past few months.  Is that still happening, or has it dropped off?  How is it affecting pricing and the market?


A Shortage of Homes?

Is there really a shortage of homes in Central Jersey?  For specific types of homes, that certainly is the case.  Find out which homes and why.


North Brunswick Transit Village Update

We've been hearing about the North Brunswick Transit Village for a while now.  What's the latest update?  Are we moving forward?  What kind of impact will it have on the real estate market and the community?


What Does "Average Sales Price" Really Mean?

It seems that we're constantly hearing about "Average Sales Prices" from the media. Yet, what does it really mean for the local homeowner? Is it an accurate reflection of what's happening on a local level?


Realtors and Rentals - A Quick Overview

There are a growing number of rental properties on the market. Why does that happen? What's the process in New Jersey? What resources are available? Here's a quick overview for renters and landlords.



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