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The Zastko Report - April 2012

The Zastko Report

April 2012

As the spring market moves along, we continue to see movement in real estate, not only locally, but also on the national scene.  What's happening specifically and what's the impact for the future?  What are the financial experts saying about the outlook on today's prices?  Why are so many houses failing to make it from contract to close, and what can be done?  We answer all these questions and more on the Zastko Report, with Andrew Zastko and Cooper Ford.

Price Trends

Local news media recently reported that average prices of homes are up.  Is that really true, and what does that mean?


What Are the Financial Experts Saying?

Are there positive signs in the real estate market nationally?  Andrew and Cooper discuss what the national experts are saying and what it means.


What Homes Are Selling and What's Not?

What does the positive news in the market mean for us here in Central Jersey?  Are all homes selling in our local market, or is there a determining factor between what sells and what doesn't?


Dealing With Contract Failure

In the past, having a contract on a home was a virtual guarantee that it would successfully make it to closing.  Not anymore.  Why the rise in contract failure and what can be done?


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