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REAL ESTATE & RETIREMENT…Plans, Trends & Ideas
   A monthly presentation by Jo Ann Lacina

This is the first in a complimentary monthly column designed to enable and help today’s seniors planning a move.

The beginning of the New Year brings with it new and fresh opportunity to start anew.  Advice is everywhere you look and de-cluttering your home is always on that well intended list of resolutions.  For anyone considering selling their home it is high on that list, and this is especially so if you are one of the many baby boomers or mature adults that have amassed a lifetime of stuff.  So where do you start a task that in some cases can be physically and emotionally trying – particularly for the 50+ seller because it means moving and sorting very special and valued belongings.  Most home sellers looking to downsize cringe at the prospect of de-cluttering so giving a little thought to the process can really improve your outcome.  De-cluttering works best if you use a step by step approach.  Some ideas are to create a calendar with daily to dos or a check list that marks your progress.  Depending on when you plan to sell, you can spread these tasks out over several weeks or several months.  Daily de-cluttering will get your home in shape to sell at a slow and steady pace.

All your hard work will be well worth it.  Your home will be ready to be put on the market, you will have that great feeling of completing a project and freeing yourself of extra stuff, and house hunting for your new home will be that much easier when you know how much space you actually need in your new place…tune in next month for more valuable information.

Jo Ann Lacina is a Realtor-Associate with Gloria Zastko, Realtors and is a Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES).  The national SRES designation provides one with ongoing support, tools and education that will enable an agent to have up to date information on this ever changing life-style transition.  Lacina has been in real estate for more than 30 years.  Lacina can be reached at 732-297-0600 Ext. 19 or at 732-599-0076, or email for your free “Moving on” booklet.  A Guide to Housing Related Resources Tailored to Seniors and their Families, published by the Senior Real Estate Specialist council.

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