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Coat Closet Turned Entry Nook

If you live in a builder-style home constructed after the late 90s there's a very good chance you have this exact same layout in your entryway: a standard size coat closet that never seems to fit what it needs to hold. Even if your home is older or of a different style it's still very likely that you have a coat closet that doesn't seem to fit your family's needs as much as you'd like. 

The Smith family of five had this very same problem themselves. Their coat closet entryway was under utilized and rather a waste of space with the interior being much wider than the opening, leaving the sides too deep and hard to reach. 

Being the avid DIYers that they were, this family decided to do something a little out of the ordinary and turn that too-small closet into a fully functional entry nook! After removing the door and framing, the couple built in a bench with storage below and shelves above to keep each family member neat and organized. Every detail, including the wooden crates under the bench were DIYed to meet their family's needs. With a little help from family and friends this family took their once small closet and made it a one of a kind nook and certainly elevated their builder-basic entryway.

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