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North Brunswick Heritage Day a BIG SUCCESS!

After months of planning, the entire staff of Gloria Zastko, Realtors sponsored its North Brunswick Heritage Day  Booth at Babbage Park on Sunday, September 25th.  It was canceled for Saturday, September 24th because of weather conditions, but was rescheduled for Sunday, and it was perfect!  It was a fun-filled day under the big white tent, as hundreds gathered at the park, many seeking the Annual Free Horse and Buggy rides sponsored by the Zastko firm for the past 21 years. [...]

Special Thanks to Ginger Boyle!

A recently testimonial for Ginger Boyle... Ginger was terrific! We'd had a really bad experience with a prior realtor where our house sat for 6 months without a sale. With Ginger we had our first substantial offer after only a month (unbelievable in this market!) and ultimately sold the house for a higher price than we had expected. Ginger was equally helpful with the purchase of our current home. She was always available. She listened to us and knew what type of house and yard we were [...]

Heritage Day THIS Saturday!

North Brunswick's 29th Annual Heritage Day is this Saturday!  The day begins at noon in Babbage Park (by Parsons School) with lots of great food, musical performances, art & crafts, horse & buggy ride, and much more!  It's also a great opportunity to meet some of the great businesses and organizations in North Brunswick, as well as to see Timbo the Clown, a yearly favorite of the kids! In the evening at the North Brunswick High School, we'll have a performance b [...]

The Home Buying Process - Finding a Home

Your agent can assist you in locating property for sale.  The agent as a member of the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) has information on every property for sale by other agents in this area. As local community experts, they will often know information that you won't find online that will help you in your home search. Since there are thousands of homes available for sale, get a head start in finding the right home for you by previewing properties on-line. Click the link to beg [...]

Is Real Estate a Good Long-Term Investment?

  With the decline in the real estate market over the last several years, many are asking whether it's a good investment.  Are they going to make money or lose money?  Over the past 10 years, real estate as an investment has FAR outperformed the stock exchange (that, and you can't live in your stocks!).  Granted, past performance isn't a guarantee of future growth, but as a LONG TERM investment, real estate has traditionally done well, and will likely continue [...]

Houses Underwater: How Declining Prices Affect the Market

Our friends at Keeping Current Matters came out with a fantastic analysis from two recent housing reports from CoreLogic and JP Morgan-Chase.  What some don't realize is that negative equity has an even greater impact on the market than simple market decline.  Whether you're thinking about buying a home, or selling one you currently own, it's important to understand current market conditions to make an informed decision.  If you'd like further information, give u [...]

What is the Value of a Real Estate Agent?

A good real estate agent makes the home buying or selling process much more efficient and saves you an incredible amount of work.  Listed below are some frequently asked questions about dealing with real estate agents and brokers. What is a real estate agent? Real estate agents are licensed by their state to assist clients in buying and selling property. Agents are required to take courses in real estate, including coursework in real estate law, real estate financing, and listing. Afte [...]

Should I Consider an Older Home?

Statistics have revealed that homebuyers select older homes over new ones in two out of three instances. However this is a choice that each buyer needs to make for him or herself. Some of the advantages to buying an older house include: More space for the money. Many older homes have more ample bedroom space. Often buyers will prefer a home with fewer rooms that are more spacious to a house with more rooms that are smaller. Nicer Landscaping. The lot of an older home is often planted with [...]

Clients Give Special Thanks to Ginger Boyle

Here was a recent thank you we received on behalf of Ginger Boyle... Ginger, Donna and I wanted to thank you for all your hard work and professionalism not just in getting our home sold but also helping us find our new one.  Working with you and you associates at Gloria Zastko Realty was a true pleasure.  Selling a home and finding a new one is hard work, especially in today's enviorment.  I can't imagine going through the process with anyone else. People do make [...]


Plans are well underway for the North Brunswick 29th Annual Heritage Day, which will take place on Saturday, September 24, 2011 from 12:00 p.m. until 5:00 p.m. at Babbage Park in North Brunswick.  In case of bad weather a rain date of September 25th has been scheduled.  The event is designed to celebrate North Brunswick’s history and the rich heritage of the people who live there.        Andrew Zastko, co-owner of Gloria Zastko, Realtors, ha [...]

What are the Advantages of a New Home?

While you may have to wait longer to move into a new home, new construction offers the buyer several advantages: New homes are more energy efficient. With improved heating and cooling systems, better windows, and greater use of insulation, new homes utilize half as much energy as home built before 1980. New homes require less maintenance. Newer homes often come with siding and trim that never need painting. Pressure-treated wood that is resistant to rot and insects is also used. New home [...]

What Size Home Should I Consider?

When looking to purchase a house, people often become infatuated with a home that is not quite suited to their needs. It is either too small, too large, or in a location that is not the most convenient. So how do you determine what size house you need? Of course the biggest concern is price. You should look over your budget carefully and research the market as well as the neighborhood. It is also a good idea to meet with your banker or financial advisor to see what you can really afford. You [...]

What Type of Home Should I Buy?

How should I decide between purchasing a house, a townhouse, or a condominium? Your decision depends on how much responsibility you want to take on, as well as personal lifestyle preferences. Below are descriptions and/or the pluses and minuses of each type of home or type of ownership. House Pluses - Provides most living space - Offers greatest amount of ownership & control - Do not need permission for changes - Most often maintains its market value well Minuses  - Most [...]

Your Credit Report

Your credit history is a critical factor when obtaining a mortgage loan. It communicates your past willingness and ability to meet credit obligations and gives the lender a good idea about how responsible you will be in making your monthly mortgage payment. Do not despair if your credit report is less than stellar. If you've made some mistakes in the past but your current credit patterns are good, many lenders will take that into account and may be willing to make you a loan. Get a copy [...]

Financial Considerations When Buying a Home

Purchasing a home is a major financial responsibility. Because your money will only stretch so far, you need to buy a home that fits within your budget. Lots of people don't even consider buying a home because they are afraid they will not be able to afford it. But often home ownership is within your reach, particularly with some of the special programs available to first-time home buyers. In fact, sometimes home ownership is just as affordable as renting, and in some cases, even more affo [...]

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